Flash Mob Law

Flash mobs are large public performances that are unexpected and often involve unusual behavior, like dancing in the streets and people dressed in unusual attire. Flash mob law is a hybrid of criminal, intellectual property, tort, property, 1st Amendment, and contract law that helps flash mob organizers stay out of trouble before, during, and after each event.

Lawyers who practice flash mob law serve clients who organize flash mobs for guerrilla marketing stunts and just for fun. Flash mobs are high risk events that can strike the public relations jackpot or result in the arrest of participants and threats to the the participants’ and the unsuspecting audience’s safety.

Flash mob organizers need lawyers who speak their language and understand the applicable laws so that they can advise the organizers of their risks and teach them how to talk with law enforcement and the public. With information about upcoming and past flash mobs plastered all over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the news, there’s nowhere for organizers to hide if their stunt is illegal or if an unfortunate incident happens during an event. They need legal guidance from the initial planning stages until the final blog and video from the event are posted.