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I will be talking about how to get away from traditional lines of communication and give clients the attention that they deserve through technology. Clients are used to communicating via text messaging, email, and Facebook, which essentially leads to instant gratification. Whether we like or not, they have grown to expect this level of attention in all areas of life, including representation by a lawyer. The problem is these methods are not the most efficient for lawyers and certainly are not secure enough to handle such confidential information.

Still, the biggest complaint across every state bar in the country is lack of attorney client communication. That is precisely why this matters so much. Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls and sending letters to clients. There are so many technologies available that allow you to give your clients a supreme level of attention and collaboration that not only make your clients feel amazing, but also make you more efficient. Engaging your clients through client portals and using social network style communication tools to give your client complete case interaction is realistic now and can be accomplished easily, cost effectively, and securely.

I intend to present solely as a lawyer who has spent years serving some of the toughest clients to keep happy, criminal defendants. As the owner of small firm and the founder of MyCase, which has its core in the idea of interacting and collaborating with your clients directly from your LPM software, I believe I have a great perspective on how to enhance communication with clients.